About Bajrang Fertilizer

Your source of waste products.

Bajrang Fertilizer is India’s premier dedicated supplier of Metal Waste, Paper Waste, Plastic Waste products.

Bajrang Fertilizer is oldest and most experienced recycling company in INDIA. Our company works closely with clients to create customized and economical recycling programs that are good for the environment and create significant costs savings for businesses.

Bajrang Fertilizer has become over the years more volatile and therefore requires a very precise arbitration of the various origins to give the best price and quality to our customers on a timely basis.

Our Collection

We work hard to provide clients a "one-stop shop" for
their recycling and waste handling needs.

Why Bajrang Fertilizer

Customer service is at the forefront of our business because we believe that successful recycling programs begin with true partnerships.

Adapting to your needs

We are here to fulfill your needs by providing you with our premium quality materials and deliver the orders to worldwide destinations just in time.

Specialized Company

We are a recycling company specializing in commercial and industrial recycling programs.

Assuring Quality

We ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the benefit of our customers by adhering to our quality criteria in professional collection and careful sorting processes.

Customer Support

Whenever and wherever you need our support you can contact our 24/7 customer support team.

Industry Experts

we are experts in what we do. We ensure our clients always get the best deal.

Prompt Delivery

Our product is certified and we take pride in ourselves by delivering what we commit to our clients. With 100% satisfaction rate.

Product Range

Your reliable source of best Quality Waste Products like
Metal Waste, Paper Waste and Plastic Waste.

Plastic Waste

  • PET
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • PP
  • PE
  • PVC

Metal Waste

  • Iorn - Waste & Ingot
  • Zinc - Waste & Ingot
  • Alluminium - Waste & Ingot
  • Copper - Waste & Ingot
  • Brass - Waste & Ingot
  • Steal - Waste & Ingot
  • Other Matel Waste & Ingot
  • U.V - TIN Waste

Paper Waste

  • OCC - 11 (95/5)
  • OCC - 11 (80/20)
  • OCC - 11 (70/30)
  • OCCD5 - 12 - Double Sorted OCC
  • 50 P - Sorted Office Paper
  • WBN - White Blank News Prints
  • SWL - Sorted White Ledger
  • HWS - Hard White Woodfree Shvings
  • MWL - Manifold White Ledger
  • (ONP/OINP) - Old News Papers
  • LPBB - Lighty Printed Bleached Board Cuttings
  • MIx Paper Waste


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